Ideals and technology: playing their part in life's little journey

As a self confessed geek, with tech, assistive and otherwise, playing such an important part in my very existence, it may seem a tad odd that when I think of my ideal world, it always involves nature and people and never involves technology of any kind.

In my ideal, I am always smiling, laughing and enjoying the company of family and friends, with whom I am engaging in witty banter and good conversation. I am always in a place that is smack dab in the middle of nowhere, with lots of space to roam in, food and wine in abundance and where the sun is always shining, warming my body and soul.

There are two different scenarios I flit between in this little daydream of mine: one involves a resplendent beach with butter soft white sand, diaphanous blue skies and the gentle roar of the ocean and the other contains magnificent green meadows and an endless garden filled with the beauty, scents and sounds of all manner of fauna and flora.

Although neither of these are my current reality, it is so important to have ideals, to dream of what you would like your life, and the world you live it in, to be. If you pay attention to these ideals, they can actually inform the decisions you make quite profoundly. They crystallize what is important to you, and even though you may not achieve the ideals absolutely, you will certainly be able to focus your attention and energy towards them, and that fills you with hope and purpose.

So why no tech in my ideal? Because it is a necessary facilitator in the modern world, where the work I need to do to achieve my ideals requires it, but in and of itself, it has no value. What matters are people, nature, freedom, peace and happiness.

And as we journey through life towards our ideals, whatever these may be for each individual, we find that by focusing on the things that matter, they seamlessly become part of our reality and we realise that the journey and the ideal are equally valuable.

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