Navigating life. Finding happiness.

In my mission to play my part in making the world a happier place, I spend a considerable amount of time contemplating the human condition and particularly why oh why so many people seem to be living in a state of denial and avoidance.

By no stretch of even my wildly active imagination do I think I have the answers, but what I do have is what I understand to be true from my own experience, for I too was one of the many living life the way I wanted it to be rather than the way it was, and this caused me an enormous amount of pain.

We live in a world where the needs of the individual are valued more than the needs of the collective. As I was brought up in Toronto in an upper middle class Jewish family, I was educated in both the 'Me. Me. Me.' and the 'Bigger. Better. Faster. Stronger.' schools of philosophy, and it took me a wee while navigating the adult world armed with these philosophies and being spectacularly miserable to untangle the mess and rebuild my life in a way that was true to myself.

What I discovered was that my own happiness was not dependant on me alone, that it was a result of an eclectic mix of circumstances, causes and conditions, some of which I had control over or responsibility for and others that I didn't. What I learned is not unique to me; it is the same for every human being on earth. In one way or another we are all connected, all dependant on one another. From the air we breathe to the food we eat, from the clothes we wear to the resources that heat our homes and so on. What we all do matters, everything we do matters, not only to ourselves and the people we love, but to every single person in our human family. In a universe so large that we can't even conceive of its vastness, isn't our planet just one little single organism with a whole bunch of interdependent and interconnected parts? Just a thought.

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