Make your website inclusive for all

Inclusive Design is a fairly new concept for web designers and developers. Many are already doing it, simply through an innate understanding of the medium of the Internet - that it is the marriage of design, technology & marketing with the wide world of people who interact with websites.

Real world Inclusive web design in action

In Sandi Wassmer's first feature article for .net magazine she explores the principles that govern inclusive design and provides real world examples for designers and developers to use right now. Bringing all of the disciplines and associated guidelines, standards and best practices together under the inclusive design umbrella and enabling the understanding of the parts the different disciplines play is a great start.

Cohesion, creativity and innovation

Inclusive web design fosters creativity and innovation like never before and brings much needed cohesion to the process of creating great online experiences for all. Having these articulated to a mainstream audience in the industries premier publication, .net, is truly marvellous. It demonstrates that accessibility is for everyone, not just disabled people, and that those creating websites must consider all aspects of web design and development in their processes: Inclusive web design gives them the tools to do so.

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