The Content 101 series begins in the November issue of .net magazine

The November issue of .net magazine - issue 234 - is out; it features 'Giving context to your Content', the first in the four part 'Content 101' series, written by Sandi Wassmer.

The misconception that Content and Copywriting are the same thing, and that Content Strategy is thus the domain of Copywriters, has abounded for far too long.

Whilst working on content strategy for a client, Sandi started to document the process as a way of dispelling the misconceptions and getting buy-in from the digital team. Although successful, this did not reflect industry understanding and importantly the key roles that web designers and developers play in the life of Content. 'Content 101' gives web designers and developers a great start.

.Net Magazine issue 234 page spread.
.Net Magazine issue 234 page spread for Content 101

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