The eAccessibility Action Plan launched by Ed Vaizey and Maria Miller

UK Government has created the eAccessibility Action Plan, in order to fulfill its obligations under EU directives and move the accessibility agenda forward.

On October 12, 2010, Ministers Ed Vaizey and Maria Miller unveiled the plan at the eAccessibility Forum meeting. The eAccessibility Action Plan outlines how Government will implement, manage, monitor and enforce accessibility across all digital medium.

The Plan was developed in consultation with inclusive design advocates Sandi Wassmer and Chris Mills, who co-wrote and edited it as it evolved. Mills and Wassmer are both eAccessibility Forum members: amidst a lot of turmoil within Government, they took on responsibility for the web design, development and education aspects of the plan pro bono, reaching out to their network of contacts within the web industry to ensure that the plan covered all bases. They gave consideration to the different pieces of the web accessibility puzzle.

They included the different people involved in and around content creation - website owners, procurers, policymakers, web designers, developers and digital marketers - as well as browsers, media players, authoring tools and assistive technologies and the all important users - not only disabled people, but all people accessing and using the Internet and the different ways they choose to do so.

The eAccessibility Action Plan is a live document and will be updated quarterly.

Ed Vaizey - Minister for Culture, Communications & the Creative Industries at DCMS
Ed Vaizey - Minister for Culture, Communications & the Creative Industries at DCMS