How a lot would you weigh on every planet?

Each time we step on a scale and see our weight, we’re seeing how the Earth’s gravity pulls us down. Within the vacuum of area the place there isn’t a gravity pulling you down, you weigh nothing. Since every planet has a special mass, the pressure of gravity is totally different on every planet. Due to this fact, your weight might be totally different on every planet. Though its weight depends upon the gravity of a planet’s floor, its mass stays the identical no matter the place it’s situated. So you should use your mass together with the floor gravity of 1 planet to find out how a lot you’ll weigh on one other planet. Your weight is the same as your mass multiplied by the floor gravity of the planet you might be on. The method says: Weight = Mass x Floor Gravity.

Weight on the interior planets

Earth has the best floor gravity of all of the rocky planets, and due to this fact our weight on Earth is larger than on any of the opposite rocky worlds. Picture Credit score: NASA

Earth has the best floor gravity of the interior rocky worlds, so its weight on Earth might be better than on Mercury, Venus, or Mars. For instance, in case you weigh 60 kilograms on Earth, you’ll weigh 22.8 kilograms on Mars, which is the same as 50 kilos. Utilizing the method already offered, we will see how we get this quantity. With a mass of 60 kilograms and a floor gravity on Mars of 0.38, we will multiply these two numbers to get 22.8 kilograms. On Mercury, a 60-kilogram particular person would weigh about the identical as on Mars, whereas on Venus they might weigh 54.6 kilograms.

Weight on the outer planets

Outer planets
Every of the outer fuel giants positioned aspect by aspect. Picture Credit score: NASA

The floor gravity of the fuel giants is far better than on the a lot smaller rocky worlds, so their weight on among the fuel giants could be fairly excessive. For instance, a 60-kilogram particular person on Jupiter would weigh greater than 140 kilograms on Jupiter, which is 308 kilos. Once more, we get this quantity by multiplying 60 kilograms by Jupiter’s floor gravity, which is 2.34. 60 multiplied by 2.34 is 140. Curiously, your weight on Saturn and Uranus would truly be lower than on Earth, and that is as a result of the truth that they’ve decrease densities than our world.

Weight of a 60 kilogram particular person on every planet

Planet Weight of a 60-kilogram (132-pound) particular person


22.8 kilograms (50.2 kilos)


54.6 kilograms (120.3 kilos)


60 kilograms (132 kilos)


22.8 kilograms (50.2 kilos)


140 kilograms (308 kilos)


55.8 kilograms (123 kilos)


55.2 kilograms (121.7 kilos)


67.2 kilograms (148.2 kilos)

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