Nightwing’s Vampire King Redesign is his darkest ever in official DC artwork

Nightwing’s Vampire King Redesign is his darkest ever in official DC artwork
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Artist John Giang shares a take a look at Nightwing in a variant cowl for DC vs Vampires #10. The Vampire King Nightwing seems terrifying on this kind.

James Tynion IV, Matthew Rosenberg and Otto Schmidt haven’t shied away from mixing up the dynamics of the dynamic duo in dc vs vampires, and this official paintings from John Giang presents the darkest search for Nightwing, than. Initially in shiny crimson and inexperienced tights, to the black and blue, Nightwing Bludhaven and Gotham function a lighter counterpart to Batman’s black and grey brooding. That is all of the modifications with a brand new official cowl picture for DC vs Vampires #10. Nightwing, the brand new king of the vampires, is proven because the brutal monster he has grow to be.

IN DC vs. Vampires #6, readers are launched to the surprising revelation that Nightwing is the chief of the vampires. All through the plot, Dick ruthlessly leads his assault on the surviving heroes, claiming different victims corresponding to Tim Drake, Jason Todd and even Batman himself. Simply as Batman is about to find the reality a couple of traitor within the Bat-family, Nightwing punches by way of Batman’s chest and rips out his coronary heart.


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This paintings from John Giang, continues the custom of various covers within the collection, displaying characters who’re often heroes and turning them into bloodthirsty vampires. DC vs. Vampires #6 has the same variant cowl, displaying Nightwing as a terrifying vampire flying among the many bats. This new paintings takes the idea a step additional and builds on the violence that Nightwing brings to the story. On this cowl, he stands powerfully among the many bats, baring blood-dripping tooth and greedy a human coronary heart, calling again to the brutal homicide of Batman.

DC vs Vampires #10 variant cover with Nightwing.

Plainly DC is doubling down on the despicable nature of this model of Dick Grayson. To this point all through the collection, fan-favorite heroes like Inexperienced Lantern have transitioned right into a extra insidious persona as a member of the vampire military. When Nightwing was revealed because the chief of the vampire military, it marked a change in the established order for Dick Grayson’s portrayal. Often a beacon of goodness, and likewise known as “the chosen one”, the choice to make Nightwing the vampire king is a refreshing change of tempo, in addition to a enterprise into uncharted territory.

Historically, Nightwing’s covers are stuffed with hope and inspiration. Lately in Nightwing collection from Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo, all covers are stuffed with a smiling Nightwing with shiny colours. Tynion and Rosenberg’s collection with Giang’s paintings switches up this picture of Nightwing to double down on the surprising, horrific occasions of DC vs. Vampires. This new official paintings from Giang completely captures the horror of the Vampire King Nightwing.

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DC vs Vampires #10 will likely be launched by DC Comics on October 25, 2022.

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