The Every day Aubrey-Maturin: The Nutmeg of Comfort (Ebook 14), Chapter 8 (p. 4655-4698)

The Every day Aubrey-Maturin: The Nutmeg of Comfort (Ebook 14), Chapter 8 (p. 4655-4698)
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NB So clearly we (the royals us) fell far in need of our objective of 6,600 pages at the beginning of the season, coming in at solely round 4,700. The 100-page-a-day tempo was slowed down many instances, a lot as it will usually occur with Aubrey & Co. However, by common demand of me, I and I’ll persevere and fulfill this mission! Not that anybody actually reads this moreover my dad and mom. Hey dad and mom!


The Shock units sail for Australia, bypassing New Guinea and the Nice Barrier Reef to achieve Sydney Cove, which continues to be only a decaying penal colony.

On the best way, they discover an island (greatest guess: one of many Sonsorols in Palau), the place they discover your entire inhabitants useless from smallpox, aside from a couple of young children, whom they rescue. Maturin ensures that everybody follows strict quarantine protocols, burning garments, shaving heads and disinfecting all the pieces with vinegar and permitting solely those that have had smallpox scars from earlier of their lives to stay (briefly) on the island (clearly, that is nicely earlier than the vaccine was invented, though the usage of cowpox to confer immunity was recognized presently). Well timed studying, this one, with the rising smallpox epidemic now too.

Anyway, they find yourself arriving. Sydney Botany Bay, the place the governor presents them with a flowery dinner. Aubrey misses out due to meals poisoning, however Maturin and Pullings attend, discovering him largely offensive in each mannerisms and arguments. Maturin is particularly upset by the fixed taint of his fellow Irish Separatists, and finally begins to quarrel with Captain Lowe. Maturin being a bit John Vick, goes by the man’s shoulder along with his sword. An assault on the king’s man… oh expensive!


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